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Clash Detection

When working with point clouds as your field checking method, you not only have accurate as built drawings to start with but you now have the ability to use clash detection tools that will find interferences between CAD models and point clouds. What this means is that we now have the ability to run collision detections and pinch points between the existing as-built environment and the new prorposed changes. Whether you’re looking at a newly proposed product to run through existing process lines, ovens, dip tanks, vertical declines or inclines, we can use our scans and 3D models to generate a detailed report showing every pinch point per the customer’s standards and hard collisions throughout the system. There is no longer a need to send a team of engineers to the facility to try to find all these pinch points with tape measures, we can now bring the as built environment into Navisworks and run a collision detection report eliminating all the error-prone methods of the past.


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